Cancun Lagoon, one of the most polluted in Mexico

Cancun Lagoon-One of the most polluted in Mexico

Cancun has had rapid growth and given place to geographical dualities that are represented as gaps and distortions of unrestrained urbanization, the majority of which has had negative impacts reflected in the destruction of the environmental quality of its natural resources and the principal Cancun lagoon.

What’s Happening With The Cancun Lagoon Water Pollution?

In the center of Cancun’s tourism district, the Nichupté lagoon is tainted with dangerous materials. The vegetation around the lagoon’s edges is dwindling, and it is possible to see a number of marine animals that are absent from their habitat owing to contamination.

Bojórquez, Caleta Nizuc, and Rio Inglés, border lagoons and the lagoon itself make up the 6,700-hectare Nichupté lagoon system, which is situated on the state’s northeast coast are becoming more and more polluted.

This contamination is said to be brought on by the clandestine sewage discharge from the several resorts that surround the lagoon or by the failure of the sewage treatment facilities in the hotel zone. Even the boats of the marinas and of the individuals are being checked to observe these ships and to ensure that they are a part of the causes of the contamination by problems with fuel leakage.

Environmental authorities linked the existence of sunken ships and boat repair operations inside this body of water to Conanp’s water quality investigations, which revealed the presence of cadmium (a very dangerous metal) in the vicinity of Laguna Nichupté.

Despite the numerous initiatives to clean up the Nichupté Lagoon, no authority has been able to implement effective measures to address the contamination of the Cancun lagoon.

The increase in garbage discharges from nearby homes, hotels, and dwellings is what has elevated the site’s pollution levels, which is we invite you locals or visitors to be conscious when visiting this beautiful place to promote the conservation of our natural environment so we can still enjoy of the various activities Cancun offers us.

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